Why Athletes Should Drink Alkaline Water

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Changes in the body's pH level can have great consequences on the general health performance and recovery of athletes. While exercising the continuous use of muscle glycogen for energy creates lactic acid Perovic, acid and carbon dioxide which reduces the muscles PH. The harder you exercise the quicker your muscles become acidic leading to tiredness and reduced performance this acidosis reduces the production of ATP, the energy molecule, and interrupts enzyme activity that produces energy.

Acidity also decreases muscle power by limiting the contractile action of muscle fibers. Making use of alkaline water and an alkaline diet boost general performance and endurance of athletes. The alkaline advantage increasing your body's pH in preparation and during athletic performance has shown great results. Studies show that alkaline water and an alkaline diet can raise the body's pH balance preceding exercise and create an environment more advantageous for athletic performance. These studies have shown the greatest advantages of this alkaline induced saturation and heavy anaerobic activities such as sprinting and weightlifting. Alkalinity retains the muscles ability to effectively use oxygen longer during periods of high physical requirement.

Athletic benefits

Better hydration: alkaline water has very small water molecule clusters that are able to hydrate the body's tissue and it settles much more effectively than water that has not been alkalinized. A great comparison would be a softball trying to get through a chain link fence compared to a golf ball it is much easier for alkaline water to penetrate your cells walls two give greater stamina. As the water molecule clusters hydrate the tissue and fill them with water, they push out all the things that don't belong in the tissue which are commonly referred to as toxins.

Alkaline water is also full of minerals which can help build your stamina. Our alkaline water has a 9+ pH which helps bring the pH of the body up to neutral 7.0, where it should be. This helps reverse the negative effects of the acidic conditions created by heavy exercise.

The extra oxygen that it provides the body translates into more mental alertness and more energy. Most people including many athletes do not eat sufficient alkaline rich foods such as nuts, fruits and vegetables. On the contrary, many diets contain high amounts of acid forming foods such as eggs, dairy and gluten.